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President's Message

Welcome to the KLCA website. You’ll find a wealth of information here about the Kawagama Lake Community and the activities, services, and support that are available.
Kawagama Lake is a very unique place in the county of Haliburton. It’s at the head of the Muskoka Watershed which means that few other lakes flow into our waterways. It is the largest lake in the county and the 5th largest inland lake in Central Ontario Cottage Country. It has approximately 73 miles of shoreline but only about 1,200 property owners.  Many parts of the lake are well over 100 feet deep. Most of the lands surrounding Kawagama are still owned by the Crown. All these factors contribute to making Kawagama and Bear Lakes and their environments pristine, with an abundance of fish, wildlife and clear, clean water. These are commodities that are hard to find today, especially within a three hour drive from Toronto.
So the mission of the KLCA is to “Preserve the Heritage”.  We do this with Committees that monitor our environment with a focus on Water Quality, Water Levels and Fisheries. We cooperate with the Algonquin Highlands Township and comment on development and minor variance proposals. We set out and maintain a lake marker system to assist with safe navigation. In order to stay current on lakefront property owners’ issues, our Directors are also Directors on the CHA (Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Associations) and several MNRF (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) committees. 
On the community side of things, we hold a family Regatta every year on the August first weekend (over 400 attendees last year!) and are now hosting a fireworks display on the same evening.
And we have in place a communications network with our own website (KLCA.org), our newsletter (Newsflash), a Facebook Page, and a once a year iconic publication called Reflections.
I trust you will continue to support your Lake Association by renewing your membership each year. You may also wish to consider joining the Board or one of our committees (see “About Us” on the website).
I hope to see you around the lake,
Jim Kaufman
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