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Lake Living

Night Skies - Through the DockTalk Program, FOCA encourages landowners to help stop light pollution in night skies. Night Skies Fact Sheet.


Thinking about spraying for mosqitos? What’s All the Buzz About?


Help keep our lakes great!  Click here to review the 2014 Muskoka Watershed Report Card.  

The Muskoka Watershed Council recently published their 2023 report card.  2023 Muskoka Watershed Report Card


The shoreline health study lake-wide results are in!  Shoreline Study Results


You'll find A Kawagama Lake Fact Sheet, compliments of MNRF, in the Fisheries section. This Fact Sheet provides details on Location, Physical Features (e.g., depth), Land Use and Development as well as listing fish species found in the lake.  Scroll to the bottom of the Fisheries section and you will find information regarding the Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program.


An outline of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Lake Partner Program is available in the Lake Partner section.


Information regarding the navigation markers found on our lakes is provided in the Navigation section. 


The Water Levels section provides a history and explains how you can track current water levels yourself, using the Rule Curve.


Frequently Asked Questions will change throughout the year, as will the photographs you provide.  Our thanks to all who provided these terrific shots:  Bill Ashcroft, Pat Boyd, Gord Brown, Kelly Coulson, Susan Frank, Iain Rayner, Donna Schoales, Mike Taggart, Bev Taylor and Danny Timmins!


Articles and photos are posted as they become available so check back often!

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