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KLCA Programs

Kawagama Lake Cottagers’ Association membership is open to any permanent or seasonal resident of Kawagama and Bear Lakes. A vibrant membership provides a strong and clear voice for sustaining and preserving these lakes for current and future generations. Your membership makes these programs possible:

Lake Plan Management

Working with various environmental and government agencies, we influence policies regarding water quality, fisheries, lake levels, and shoreline protection.

Lake Partner Program

The Lake Partner Program is Ontario’s volunteer-based, water-quality monitoring program. Each year, from May to September, we measure lake clarity, phosphorus, and calcium and send this data to the Dorset Environmental Science Centre.

Political Advocacy

We represent our members at township and county government meetings, on various provincial ministry councils  and other non-government groups such as the CHA (Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association) and other lake associations, on matters of concern to our members and any issues that will affect the well being of our lakes.


We monitor, assess and make recommendations for recreational and safety issues on the lake and adjacent lands. Navigational maps are available at both marinas. In addition to sponsoring safe boating instruction, the KLCA also ensures that we install and maintain water navigation markers for your safety.

Planned Development

The KLCA tracks proposed development in the area and actively participates in the planning process when the interests of Kawagama and Bear Lake cottagers and residents are concerned.

Environmental Awareness

The KLCA supports members with a depth of educational material regarding environmentally responsible choices for cleaning products, natural plantings, shoreline restoration, landscaping and septic system management.

Financial Support of Programs

The KLCA makes significant contributions in support of local activities and programs such as, but not limited to, Dorset Firefighters, Dorset Community Partnership Group, FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations), CHA (Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association), local disaster relief, Kawagama Lake Fireworks event, and various community initiatives.


Our annual yearbook that comes with every membership.

The Annual General Meeting

Held in July, the AGM affords members the opportunity to meet with the executive team, friends and neighbours, and features a keynote speaker on a relevant and timely topic.

Winter Newsletter

An update of the current KLCA topics and events.  Published if there is enough relevant material. Sent to members via email.

Summer Newsflashes

Newsletters sent to members via email with members' consent.  Advises of timely "hot topics" and activities taking place locally.

Our Website

This website provides the most current information on our initiatives and events, including directors' status updates.  It also links to important sites of interest to cottagers and residents.

Annual Regatta

Held at Moorelands Camp, the Regatta is a day of fun activities for the whole family. Swim and canoe races, beach program for kids, trophies, food, prizes—it’s an event not to be missed. 

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