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2022 KLCA Fireworks

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Fireworks - July 30th, 2022! This year could be our last fireworks show. Donations have been decreasing and costs are increasing. We have met our $7,000 goal!

A big thank you to all those who have made a donation!

If we want our show to continue for next year's display, we will be collecting from now until June 2023. If we don't reach our target of $7,000, the 2023 show will be cancelled and all fireworks donations received will be donated. Donations will not be returned.

Here's the link to contribute:

VOLUNTEER NEEDED!! We need a volunteer to be a pilot boat for crowd control - that is, someone who is able to circle the water around the barge in order to ensure spectator boats do not get too close to us. We can't risk any injuries or damage to personal watercraft. This can easily be someone in a tin boat doing laps around us prior to, and during, the show, spreading the word to spectators and making sure they back up as necessary. They will also get a great view of the show themselves!

Please reach out to if you can help out.

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