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Lake Levels Report

Attached is the chart of NDMNRF (Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry) Kawagama lake level targets and actuals. NDMNRF can usually maintain a level somewhere between the “Best Management Practice Level” and “Target Operating Level” except when extraordinary weather events occur. And this year we’ve had 3 occurrences with a dry spring and unusually heavy rainfalls in late June and Sept. The “Water level line” on the chart shows the effect of these occurrences.

From Sept 8 to Sept 29th, levels rose about 10 inches when the annual lake drawdown had already started. (drawdown typically starts the week after Labour day). Lake levels peaked around Sept. 29th and are now headed lower however we’re still around 14 ½ inches higher than target.

Other significant lakes in the Muskoka watershed (LOB, Muskoka,and Rosseau) are experiencing similar issues.

For your information, your lake level committee members are Eric Millar, Don Able, Kathleen Hedley, Doug Middlebrook and Jim Kaufman.

Jim Kaufman


Lake Levels Committee

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