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Midsummer Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Updated: Oct 13, 2022


On lakes such as Kawagama lake smallmouth will usually retreat to deeper , cooler water during the hottest part of the day. Look for them on points , break lines / drop offs or offshore humps. West side of Echo island , serpents Rock or the rock pile that is marked with an old construction pylon in the east end of the lake near bear island are good examples for locations during this time.

In the early morning or evening you can find them cruising the shore line in depts as shallow as 3 feet. Docks or big boulders are great spots as well as shallow bays.

Fishing rods:

A light action 6 foot long fishing rod with either a spin cast reel for beginners. More experienced people can use a bait cast reel which require more patience to use due to the design. 6lb test mono fishing line is ideal for bass which is light enough to not be seen in clear water such as Kawagama lake. Clear or olive green works best for fishing line colour.

Fishing tackle

Crank baits, spinners, plastic imitation crayfish or leach’s on a jig head work well. Chartreuse green , crayfish colour or white colours work well for all types of tackle. Of course live bait such as worms or minnows never disappoint.

On the topic of live bait there are new rules in Ontario as to where you can you can buy and catch your own minnows or leaches. Kawagama lake is located in zone 15 for where you can purchase and use minnows or leach’s. you must have the proof of purchase on you when fishing

with live minnows or leach’s at all times to avoid a fine by the MNR. Worms are exempt. Please refer to the Ontario fishing regulations as to what area covers zone 15. Also remember under the new rules you can only catch minnows to use if you live permanently in the same area your catching the minnows to use. So basically if your cottage is your main residence then you may catch and use minnows for that area. For more info on new rules refer to MNR web site.

Tight lines everyone !!!

Chris Pryde

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