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Township Surveys

Please help the Township – your ideas matter!! How? Read on…. It is Important!!


The Township of Algonquin Highlands is seeking YOUR input on 3 topics.  What are the topics you ask:

1.      Fireworks Bylaw

2.      Signage bylaw for signs that are installed on municipal property

3.      Township Communications Plan – how do you prefer to hear about “stuff” from the Township


The Township is seeking your input via an online survey. Survey responses will be compiled and presented to Council for their consideration. The information gathered will assist the Township in drafting the appropriate bylaws. You do not need to complete all 3… just the one(s) that are of interest to you.


Please provide input by:

1.      Fireworks Bylaw: July 19

2.      Signage Bylaw: July 31

3.      Township Communications Plan: July 31


The surveys are online: 

1.      Fireworks Bylaw - click here.

2.      Signage Bylaw - click here.

3.      Township Communications Plan - click here.


Simply click on one of the above links then click on “Take Survey” to get started.


Please note that you must first enroll in “Let’s Connect” to gain electronic access to the survey.  After clicking on the “Take Survey” icon you will be asked if you have enrolled in the “Let’s Connect” program and if not you are given the opportunity to enroll.  This program is an innovative electronic mechanism set up by Algonquin Highlands Township to collect ideas from residents in the Township.  Details on this can be found at


If you have any questions about the surveys please contact Algonquin Highlands Township at 705.489.2379 and ask to speak to Chad Ingram or via email to Chad at


Please, get involved and submit your comments!!





John McHardy, Director

Municipal Affairs and Development

Kawagama Lake Cottagers’ Association

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