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The Kawagama Lake Ice Out Challenge

Secure your date by emailing (don’t post it here; email the address above instead!!) and send your voluntary donation to Moorelands Kids via this link. Your donation will help underprivileged kids go to camp.

Then, watch the weather cam at MTH (password: Kawagama1)!!

MTH has told us that the chair should sink, and the keg will float – if this happens on your chosen date, you win!! As many as 3 people can select each date available, and this year’s prizes are amazing, so get your donations and guesses in as soon as you can!

The three winners who chose the correct date will win:

  • A case of Muskoka Brewery beer

  • A bag of Inspire coffee and an Inspire coffee mug

  • A Loyal to the Lake MTH T-shirt

The KLCA will post details as the guesses come in.

We have a ton of amazing prizes this year, and the challenge closes on March 31, so get your donations and your guesses in!!

Thanks to Vanessa Slack and Bruce Macpherson from Mountain Trout House Marina for their support of our Ice Out Challenge, and for their prize donation!


1. Given that prize packs include beer, participants should be aged 19 or older to enter please!

2. The date chosen to mark ‘ice out’ needs to be clearly demarcated for a winner to be chosen so we chose a camera everyone can access and the (hopefully) tangible event of the chair sinking, and the keg floating. Please do not infer anything far as safe marine navigation on or after the selected date, and please continue to follow your usual best practices as far as marine safety.

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